Raindrop Therapy reduces pain & inflammation in the body, aligns your body naturally and you will gain physical & emotional balance. 

With Raindrop Therapy, you will experience the detoxing, relaxing, healing benefits of high quality, therapeutic grade essential oils. Raindrop Therapy is a non- invasive, alternative therapy using oils that have both antibacterial and antiviral properties. Raindrop Therapy serves to release toxins, dormant viruses and bacteria. Oils are gently stimulated into the spinal column as well as surrounding muscles using special feathering & stretching techniques created by studying under American Indians. Raindrop Therapy brings total balance, harmony & wellness. Originated for back pain, sciatica & scoliosis this therapy proved beneficial for a multitude of other issues, especially all auto-immune diseases. **Please note that this is not a massage.

Benefits Include: Reduced inflammation, detoxification, immune support, pain reduction, depression aid, muscle tension release, increased circulation, peace, relaxation, scoliosis relief, back pain, aids in respiratory issues, headaches, depression, & autoimmune disorders.


Weekly sessions of Raindrop Therapy are suggested for individuals with chronic afflictions.