My passion is bringing balance, health & positive energy into the lives of my clients. All of my services work on both physical & emotional imbalances.


I received my International diploma in 2010 from the well renowned Derwen Holistic Therapies in Reflexology after completing 250 hours of Reflexology, Anatomy & Physiology & Professional Business & Conduct as well as the Derwen Holistic Therapies & International exams for Reflexology. I also received my Raindrop Therapy Specialist and Aroma Therapy Certifications at Derwen.

My Touch of Healing Practitioner certification was earned in 2013 at The Touch of Healing Institute after completion of 300 study hours.

I earned my Reiki Master Certification as well in 2013.


•Level 3 ITEC* Internationally & Advanced Certified Reflexologist

•Aroma Therapist

•Raindrop Therapy Specialist

•Touch of Healing Practitioner

•Reiki Master



•Endocrine Balancing

•Cranio Sacral


•Indian Head Therapy