I've been seeing Debbie weekly for reflexology for 3 months & each week I learn something different & important through her knowledge, insights, intuition, & caring that is helping me get balanced again & move forward with my life after the death of my dear husband. Thank you Debbie! -Sonja

Never felt so good as after my treatment! Happy & finally had a pep in my step! My anxiety level has been high & has decreased with Aroma Cleanse Therapy & Touch of Healing. If you have not done this please treat yourself. It is great & so is Debbie, she is my Rock. Thank you for giving me back myself. -P.E.W.

I was having difficulty with a tight chest, breathing & dizziness. Within 10 minutes of Debbie working my feet on the lung/solar plexus/diaphragm reflex spots I felt 100% difference. I call her therapy "magic!" Every time I have a session I realize the power of these therapies. -J.H.

I had developed a very painful ganglion cyst on the base on my finger. My doctor recommended having it removed surgically. After discussing this with Debbie she suggested an essential oil to shrink the cyst. I have used the oil every other day for one month & the tumor has decreased in size by 3/4s! -Stacy

The only thing I have done differently in my life is to add Reflexology. My doctor keeps commenting on my "dropping" blood pressure!! I have not started exercise, have not changed my diet, only starting adding this wonderful therapy! -B.C.

I am going through a VERY stressful time right now. I decided to try Reflexology & Aroma Cleanse. I found the Reflexology with the custom blended oils to be enlightening & SO amazingly relaxing. The Aroma Cleanse was the BEST & I felt like a totally new woman afterwards. I even had someone comment on my relaxed appearance & much calmer demeanor! Try it you will not be disappointed. I have already booked another session of BOTH! -A.M.

I really enjoyed my Aroma Cleanse session. About 3 hours after the session, my sinuses began to clear & for the first time in weeks, I was able to breathe freely with both nostrils. Score another point for natural remedies. -Lynda K.

I had a splitting headache & after taking 5 Advil I felt no better. I needed some relief! Debbie mixed a few oils together, rubbed them on my temples & on other pressure point areas & within 10 minutes the headache was GONE!! Thanks Debbie! -Stacy G.

I have suffered from neuropathy for years with very painful, burning feet. I have been having regular 30 minute session with Debbie for Reflexology with her "special blend" of essential oils for my condition. I have noticed a huge improvement in my pain, it does not keep me up at night like it use to and I have even been able to walk around with a lot less pain than I was in before I met her. I believe in what she does and the power of the oils she uses. Visit her & keep going in order to see the wonderful improvement like I have. -Bob S.

My doctor recommended Aroma Cleanse twice a week for my chronic pain & illness. After 3 sessions I felt that I could finally be on the road to recovery. Besides the known medical benefits, Aroma Cleanse successfully reduced my stress level. After my sessions I feel completely at peace. Everyone can benefit in some way from these therapies. I have also enjoyed Reflexology with Debbie & she was able to pinpoint my specific weaknesses, including my thyroid issues. -Jessie

Debbie Alton was my first experience with reflexology. Not exactly knowing what to expect I was a bit hesitant to try it at first. Needless to say my 30 minute "trial" quickly became a full hour relaxation session once I sat in that amazing chair of hers, and realized what a truly kind and gentle person Debbie is. She has absolutely made me a believer in the art of reflexology & the truth behind it's philosophy. I have already been back for my second session & it was even better than the first. Reflexology is the perfect thing to do if you're a little stressed, or maybe have not been feeling as energetic. I plan on making Debbie a regular on my schedule for now on! -Jenny Burroughs Wright

I have been seeing Debbie for some time now and she has done wonders for me. I feel better after she does the Reflexology & Aroma Cleanse therapy (Raindrop) on me. I used to get severe headaches & they have been going away. My body feels better and I feel better. She is amazing. I will continue to see her and would recommend Debbie to anybody You'll be amazed. -Karoline P.

This was my first time receiving Aroma Cleanse Therapy. Debbie has a very healing touch. I have had a lower back injury going on 4 years now. I could feel immediate relief after Debbie worked on me with the different oils, which also smell amazing. I can highly recommend the Aroma Cleanse Therapy with Debbie to anyone looking for a holistic approach to healing. -Patricia Lie

I have had Reflexology from Debbie twice now & can't say enough about how it makes me feel. It helps me to relax more than a full body massage. -Dana Grissom

Debbie Alton has been my reflexologist for about a year & a half. Whenever I have a session with her I come away feeling better in body & soul. Her caring & compassionate ways along with her knowledge of the body's systems are an excellent combination in a reflexologist. She uses custom blended oils to target specific problem areas. I was having heel pain & she mixed an anti-inflammatory blend that alleviated my pain. She makes your whole session all about relaxation. I would highly recommend Debbie Alton as your reflexologist. -Theresa Rupp Town Oak Construction, TX.

I loved the reflexology treatment that I received from Debbie Alton, she was absolutely wonderful. It was so relaxing & very helpful in the areas she told me about. I'm going to continue getting the treatment because I see such a difference in my body & the way I feel. -Alexis

My experience was relaxing & helpful. I was able to understand what was going on in my body. Definitely recommend this service to everyone! -Rebekah

I suffer from seasonal allergies which typically turn into a severe sinus infection due to the congestion. A friend recommended I try reflexology to relieve the congestion & it worked. I still have my allergies, but the symptoms are controllable through reflexology no more sinus infections or antibiotics to treat my infections. I’m so happy to have found a natural treatment! -Stacy Lea

Debbie has been my reflexologist for over a year. I am a first grade teacher & I am on my feet all day. Often times my feet & whole body are tired & sore at the end of the week. I truly enjoy my reflexology visits with Debbie because they are both relaxing & therapeutic. She tailors the oils to my preferences & provides the best experience for my needs. I never want my appointment to end because it feels so rejuvenating! Debbie is both professional & personable & I would highly recommend her as a reflexologist. -Katie Abshire