** Non-allergen, fragrance free carrier oils are available for individuals with sensitivities to essential oils.

Benefits Include: Improvement of nerve & blood supply body wide, plantar fasciitis & neuropathy relief, pain & arthritis relief, hormone balance, depression/anxiety release, headaches, sinus issues, stress relief, digestive disorders recovery, & much more.

Cancer Care: Following reflexology work, chemotherapy patients showed improvements in pain, nausea, vomiting, and/or anxiety.

Beneficial for Post-Operative Pain Reduction & Recovery: Reflexology helps reduce pain & lessen the use of postoperative painkillers, & enhances post-surgical recovery.

Easier Delivery & Postpartum Recovery: Women who receive reflexology show shorter labor times & used less pain medication. Reflexology aids in concerns during delivery, as well as postpartum depression & anxiety.

Helping You Through a Special Time: Adjunct to Mental Health Care Research demonstrates that reflexology can reduce depression & anxiety. In addition, individuals in need of emotional support, hospice residents, and individuals enduring severe mental health problems benefit greatly from Reflexology.



Reflexology rejuvenates the mind, allows your body to heal naturally, reduces tension and stress & increases your sense of wellness. Repeated sessions of Reflexology results in continued improvement of both mental & physical conditions in the client.

Reflexology is a natural alternative therapy performed on the feet. Blockages caused by calcium deposits along the 7200 nerve endings in the feet cause imbalances. Reflexology releases these by stimulating specific points on the feet which enables the body to start healing. Each part of the foot is a reflex point to every body system. Reflexology aids with a wide variety of medical conditions & is consistently performed for stress relief. Reflexology works on both emotional and physical issues & both are discussed during your session. Before your Reflexology session, a personalized assessment of your current concerns, medications and medical conditions will be discussed in order to pick the ideal custom essential oils for you. **