(After first session doing all 3 therapies back to back) I'm feeling very cleared minded.  And at peace, for once my mind isn't racing with a million thoughts & worries.  Thank you so much!  I truly feel like this has been a first step in healing my inner self, I'm so grateful to you.  People should know about the great work you do.~A.I.

Debbie is amazing at what she does! She is extremely skilled and knowledgeable and she cares deeply for her clients. I always feel so relaxed and refreshed when I leave her session.  Debbie is a wonderful person as well as highly trained. I would very much recommend her to anyone and everyone!~A.A.

I highly recommend Debbie Alton!  I've been visiting her for reflexology and raindrop therapy for a year and have witnessed amazing results verified through lab work.  I was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2017.  I chose trying an alternative approach since my doctor said I had a little time before she would recommend a more drastic attack with antibiotics.  Within 3 months of visiting Debbie twice monthly for a combined appointment of reflexology and raindrop therapy, my lab work showed the Lyme disease to be under control and barely detectable.  After 6 months of treatment with Debbie, my lab work looks clean - like I never had Lyme disease! I continue to see her every other week and I now alternate treatments instead of having them combined.  I find her therapy keeps anxiety at bay and provides a much happier, balanced version of me.   Thank you, Debbie! ~G.M.

I feel balanced for the first time in forever! Thank you deeply! I'm so thankful we scheduled as I feel rebuilt and breathed into! You must go to bed with a light spirit for being such a lighthouse.  I can't wait to come back for more, thank you for your gentleness.~R.C.

I have referred several of my 39 weeks and past due pregnant patients to Debbie for induction reflexology.  So far all have delivered within 2 days of the session!~Dr. Kim 

Had my first reflexology appointment with Debbie.  Unbelievable accuracy on my 'imbalances' followed by explanation of physical & emotional reasons I am suffering from them.  Debbie also gives self help guidance & offers a loving, caring atmosphere to speak freely and release.  One talented soul. ~ A.L.

I go to Debbie for what I call the "trifecta" - meaning I do all 3 therapies back to back!!! Reflexology, then Raindrop, then Touch of Healing, I'm a new person each time I leave.  Incredible!~ F.W.


I was beyond amazed at the accuracy of my issues that Debbie, on my first meeting with her ever, was able to pinpoint during my reflexology session.  She is truly gifted & her compassion as well as listening skills along with her intuitive nature made this appointment a two thumbs up, booked again already!  Reflexology addresses so many issues on so many levels, I'm blown away. ~W.D.

Your reflexology has definitely made me a believer in it!  It was amazing how good I felt, I had no anxiety and was able to go out with the family and shopped the whole next day with no stress/anxiety! (after one session!)~C.B.

That was "the most therapeutic" thing I have ever done my whole life!!!  (Reflexology/Raindrop combo.)~L.M.

Raindrop is so relaxing, you can feel the oils working, taking away stress/muscle tension feels like "good medicine" for the body (but natural!) After Reflexology I feel so relaxed & I know that every body system got the attention it needed and all issues were addressed!~D.C.

"Reflexology with Debbie is very insightful. It brought important issues to my attention and sparked a desire to make changes in my life that have helped me feel more alive. I'm so grateful Debbie does the work that she does with genuine compassion and integrity."  ~Bren

In complete shock at the accuracy Debbie found about me through Reflexology. She truly knows her stuff & the oils are so helpful. She can connect the emotional with the physical~so helpful!~A.

I've notice a difference every time I have Reflexology with Debbie, not only does it make me relax & release the tensions of life, she always pinpoints specific issues I'm having & haven't told her. The real opening to me was Touch of Healing. This therapy helps me move forward emotionally in life & confirms things I know but don't want to deal with. Debbie always says something that connects the dots. ~(long time client, D.)

Very personable caring genuine & sensitive to my needs, cares & benefit. A place where I am emotionally safe!~M.

Thank you so much! Your treatment & kindness today was just what I needed!!!~S.K.

The reflexology appointment did wonders!~F. (after one session!)

I received my 3rd Raindrop Therapy today. After a life of working in construction, my body has more than my share of aches & pains. After the Raindrop therapy, I feel alive & almost bullet proof. l feel great! Can't wait for my next one. Thanks!~Gary

My back adjusts easier after doing a series of Raindrop sessions than it did with 2 months of chiropractic services! ~M.

You are amazing! You are so very kind & generous to send me this (additional) info! I know this research took much of your time! I want you to know that my tinnitus was somewhat diminished after our session. No treatment to date has had an immediate effect as did your reflexology! It appeared to last to the next morning. I look forward to the raindrop therapy! Thank you again for your thoughtfulness & expertise! So thankful to have met you!

I can't say enough about the power of these therapies! My son was feeling horrible with a very sore throat, brought him in for Raindrop and two days later he was doing amazing. No scripts needed-just the power of the oils & therapy!~K.T.

I actually feel 80% back to normal! (after reflexology one day followed by raindrop & touch of healing the next.) Much better physically and emotionally.~K.M.

Raindrop Therapy is a spiritual healing experience not to be missed!~M.M.

I just wanted to tell you how much your services are helping me. I feel like I'm already expressing myself more freely. Thank you so much.~K.

Thank you~~you have helped me so much through my journey.~D.C.

I do feel more stable since our session. Thank you for yesterday, it was eye opening & super helpful. I definitely want to try all of your therapies. (after Touch of Healing)~C.

I am so glad to have found Debbie & her gifts of healing. I had no idea what to expect but am beyond pleased at what I have experienced & gained in the short time I've been seeing her. She is an amazing woman.~D.B.

Terribly sweet personality and such a good listener. Gentle & relaxing. Thanks for your input & knowledge. You are the best! Can't wait for the next time.~R.S.

Debbie, thank you for everything today. Our time together was unbelievably helpful to me. You have a beautiful gift and I will be making an appointment again. (After Raindrop therapy)~S.B.

My husband has had reflexology,touch of healing, and raindrop done & has noticed a big difference in how he feels. Before these treatments he couldn't do a lot of things on his own but now, he's able to enjoy even the little things like a nice meal! He's in more control of his emotions! We thank Debbie for her great work!~N.T.

I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed my session with you on Saturday, thank you so much!! I plan to come back, I can’t wait!! It was such a pleasure to have met you. How awesome it is to see that God has put you right where your talent lies, it was indeed fabulous. I feel like a million dollars!~S.G.

I love going to Debbie for reflexology and have referred several friends and family members. She is truly gifted and was able to identify an area in my throat I was having issues with. Truly amazing!~E.B.

I am hooked!!!! Love Raindrop, few little aches are gone & I feel like I could run a marathon. I will be returning soon!!~T.H.

I felt better after just one hour of Reflexology with Debbie than I ever have with a whole year's worth of massages & chiropractic sessions. I tell her she's a blessing !!!~J.N.

I had a weight lifted off me today, I did Reflexology and Touch of Healing with Debbie and have felt amazing since these sessions. My pain level is down, I'm resting better and the weight of past events have been lifted. I told my friend to go visit Debbie! I have booked a Raindrop session for this week and told Debbie I'd be a walking testimony of the wonders she can do! I'm spreading the word about her!~L.R.

I have felt much better since seeing you yesterday.....you have such a gift at doing what you do! (after 1 hour reflexology appt.)~K.R.

It was recommended I start Reflexology. After one session with Debbie my neuropathy pain went away for 2 weeks!! I've booked another appointment! -S.S

What a great experience!! I felt better immediately after my first session of Reflexology followed by Raindrop. The results have lasted 2 solid weeks with me experiencing NO migraines during this time like I normally do. I already went back for another Reflexology with Touch of Healing this time. I'm booking again in a couple of weeks. Even bought a gift card for my daughter! -L.D.

I am so glad I found Debbie. I think she is a truly good, wise and gifted person that can help me get back to balance. She is so "right on" and is a determined healer to go through all the studies she has done. -R.F.

I have seen Debbie twice now & I must say I was pleasantly surprised. This reflexology is nothing like the ones at a nail salon & definitely not a massage but better. This is done in such a relaxed atmosphere & Debbie explains what's going on while she's working & after she's finished. Everything that is going on with you (aches, pains, stress), it all made sense & I felt so much better both of the times I've left. I intend to try more than the reflexology! Debbie is awesome, I feel so lucky to have met her. -FMS

I saw Debbie for Plantar Fasciitis & there was & is a significant reduction of pain in my heel after my session, so much that I am hardly bothered by it now. I do want to maintain these positive results & will schedule with Debbie soon. -J.O.

Debbie Alton is a seriously gifted therapist. She is calm & gentle, explains as she works & definitely achieves results. I can confidently recommend her as someone you should see on a regular basis to maintain health or to seek solutions to health issues. -S.L.

My mother was in the hospital & not doing well. I called to Family Farm Health Food Store to ask about a Reiki master. I was hoping that if we could get Mom’s energy back up, she would heal faster. They recommended we try Debbie. She came to the hospital & gave Mom a Healing Touch treatment. My sister & I noticed a difference & set up another appointment. Mom is out of the hospital now & Debbie is coming by once a week. Mom was unable to stand on her own, when she left the hospital. Now Mom is able to go up & down stairs with assistance. I know it’s a combination of therapy, diet & Debbie’s treatments. Debbie has helped us relieve dizziness, wheezing & energy level issues. We will & have highly recommend Debbie’s services. -V.K.

I have been a pastor of a church in the Tomball-Magnolia area for over 20 years now. Contrary to popular belief, being a pastor is not stress free. Have you ever stood by a casket of a couples young child & they are asking-why-how could this happen? They are looking to you for answers, & you are trying to console them & let the peace of Jesus comfort them. I had a bout with sickness in 2013 & now am doing better. My wife found Debbie for us & I have found a place & way to relax & rest in Jesus while Debbie is ministering her skills. I did not believe in this at first, but after five treatments, I can relax & let the stress roll off. My aches & pains have diminished & I am able to rest at night. If you have need to relax, let Ms.Debbie help you. There is no reason you have to put up with stress any more. A good scripture that I found to meditate on while Debbie is working on you is this one “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding , in all your ways, acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path!” Be healed in the name of Jesus Thanks for listening.!-Pastor Don White Senior Pastor Living Stones Church Decker Prairie, TX 77355