Discover health, vitality and increased self-understanding with this ancient healing art of Touch of Healing and Reiki.

Touch of Healing and Reiki are natural, non-invasive ways to balance the seven energy sources of the body through hands-on energy work. The client rests on a massage table while healing energy/and positive intent is sent via hands-on therapy. Touch of Healing and Reiki balances the life force energy which flows through us and enables us to awaken. Individuals with a low energy are prone to illness, stress, depression & imbalances.

These imbalances can be caused from many situations such as: Emotional/physical trauma or injury, negative thoughts or feelings, negative self-talk, nutritional depletion, destructive lifestyle, emotional repression, as well as physical ailments.

Touch of Healing and Reiki treats the whole client: body, emotions, mind & spirit.


Benefits Include:

Relaxation, which stimulates your immune system, stress relief which balances the mind, feeling of peace, security and well-being, pain relief, sleep improvement, ability to release emotional blocks causing imbalances/disease in the body.